How Often Does A Lawn Have To Be Fertilized?

The answer to this question is conditional on several different things. For most lawns, twice annual fertilization is adequate when using a fertilizer with a high nutritional concentration. The ideal course of action is to stick with a single provider and product for the growing season and apply it at the intervals specified in the supplier’s instructions.

Granular fertilizers deliver their nutrients slowly, allowing for only two treatments a year. Depending on the product, you can give soluble feeds anywhere from once every three weeks to once a year. For lawns, the time between fertilizer treatments should be longer for those fertilizers with a higher nutritional concentration. Some fertilizers may be used every four weeks, and others must feed your grass every twelve weeks.

The time between lawn fertilization applications depends on the kind you bought. Making a note on a calendar of when you put down lawn food is an excellent way to ensure you don’t over-fertilize your grass. Find out when the manufacturer suggests using the fertilizer again by reading the label. Calculate when you need to apply more feed, and mark that day in your calendar.

Advice on How to Fertilize Your Lawn

The timing of lawn fertilization is essential to coincide with the lawn’s requirements. Let it happen if you know what it takes to have a green lawn. Cut it with the mower a few times. Feed it in the spring if you want a greener lawn in the summer. Use organic lawn fertilizers for your grass type to get the best results.

You may get lawn care products tailored to your grass species from any organic landscaping company. These companies also provide weed management treatments to get rid of unwanted plants. They have you covered with the finest of the best in terms of lawn maintenance supplies. A “starter” or “new lawn” formula should be used on seeds, sods, and sprigged lawns less than two years old to achieve a thickening effect in the first season.

Use granular, slow-release, complete fertilizers on older lawns because they slowly release nutrients when the lawn grows the most. One application of fertilizer should be made throughout the growing season. If your grass needs winter formulations, apply them in early autumn. Experts agree that once a year, or whenever you remember, is plenty for a well-established lawn, so there’s no need to stress if you forget.


Several factors are involved in how frequently you should fertilize your lawn; you will want to fertilize your property any time your grass shows signs of slowing growth. That said, there is a general window where your lawn will grow fastest, and by using that as a starting point, you can figure out what fertilizer schedule will best fit your needs.

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